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general contractors

An established and refined general contractor

They key to a good general contractor is one that is organized. Their job is to put all the pieces together on the job site to make sure every other tradesman is doing their job correctly and working alongside each other so there are no delays at all. This is achieved with a good site plan and diary of the day to day events that need to go forward in making sure the project is completed on time and to specification.

What a General contractor can help you with?

Our general contractors will be here to go through the planning with you as well as working on the design. They will be calling the shots on site and making sure materials are delivered on time and are free of damage. Looking on a day to day basis they will have a full site plan as to when things will get installed around the home and what rooms will get started on first. The general contractor is your eyes and ears on the project making sure there are no hiccups along the way. If a company says they don’t need a general contractor on site while the project is going on then you might want to not go with this company. A general contractor should be present on the job at all times to make sure things are going to plan and are getting done the way they should be.

What do our general contractors concentrate on?

Apart from attention to detail they make sure all permits are met and planning permission is dealt with so you don’t have issues with the city. You really need make sure all work is registered otherwise if you sell your home and you have had a room addition built it will not be recognized on the home and that will cause issues with the price. We are going to do a full consultation with you to make sure you are aware of what paper work needs to be completed and what needs to be done so you are in a good standing to get the remodeling or addition work done.

Why us

Reasons to select our company to get the work done

  • Remodeling specialists who care
  • Fully licensed contractors
  • Providing the best materials
  • No project to big or to small
  • Best contractor prices in Las Vegas

clients say

  • PBTP Contractors Las Vegas

    This was an outstanding remodeling company, my home is a marvel to look at and be in now. I look forward to coming home after a long day at work and spending time with my family in this beautiful home. Thank you PBTP Contractors Las Vegas for the fantastic work you did.

  • PBTP Contractors Las Vegas

    I had a new home built using PBTP Contractors Las Vegas, they helped with all the permits and securing the architects needed to get the plans drawn up. They held my hand through every step on the building project and they did a fantastic job along the way.

  • PBTP Contractors Las Vegas

    My pool needed redoing so I decided I wanted a more modern design as my old swimming pool was outdated. I had these guys come and design me a new pool that would look more contemporary and they carried out the work. I am now so happy with how my new pool looks and I get no end of compliments from my friends.

  • PBTP Contractors Las Vegas

    Our office block was unappealing to future clients so I decided to renovate and modernize it to bring some newer fresh business in to the area. I wanted to make the office block a Class A building so I employed the services of PBTP Contractors Las Vegas to make this happen. They did a stellar job in modernizing the place and making it a real selling point to future businesses looking to lease space.

  • PBTP Contractors Las Vegas

    I just want to thank you guys for all of your hard work on our bathroom remodel

  • PBTP Contractors Las Vegas

    Never have I seen such dedication to this crew and the work they carried out. I am delighted with my new kitchen and thanks for all of your hard work and help.

our Mission

  • 1

    Keep quality high

    By keeping our excellent building standards we always deliver the best end result.

  • 2

    Listen to our clients

    We make sure to get an understanding of what our clients want in terms of design.

  • 3

    Offer fantastic customer service

    We are on hand to take your calls any time of the day, we want to make sure you can always reach us and our general contractors.


We stand by our work.

We know once you have a good reputation you need to keep it and that is why we offer not only the best remodeling services in Las Vegas but the best pricing also.

  • Friendly Contractors
  • Fine Craftsmanship
  • Best Design Consultants
  • Honest Pricing
  • Dedicated Assigned Contractors

our history

We started remodeling small homes in and around Las Vegas in 2003 and slowly our services were very much in demand due to the property boom. We started remodeling high end apartments and mansions adding designs that would even rival some casinos in Las Vegas. We to this day continue to remodel homes and add room additions to properties looking to expand. We also deal with commercial remodeling and building so we are a one stop shop to all of your needs. So you can feel relaxed that you are in good hands with our company and we have the experience to get the job done.


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